10 Things I Love Sunday

10 Things I Love SundayHappy Sunday, friends! I sure have a lot of random recommendations, things to share, and a burning question for you:

1. Here’s what I’m currently reading. I like it but it did take a while to get into. Fantasy books are like that (for me anyway) because you have to learn about a whole new world, sometimes with new terminology, while also getting to know characters and what they are doing.

2. My mom got me a Harry Potter book cover that I love—it’s from this Etsy seller.

3. Recently bought myself this hat. Springfield, MO pride!

4. My favorite necklace is a gold pendant from Madewell, but I recently bought this one to layer with it. Love a pretty gold pendant.

5. I’ve been drinking lots of different teas from this David’s Tea sampler. Probably my favorite so far is “Forever Nuts,” but I love the ADVENTURE of trying new teas. 🙂

6. Is anyone else watching Goop Lab on Netflix? I am loving it!

7. I am a bit of a true crime podcast enthusiast (long time murderino), but Elise recently turned me on to Crime Junkie. I’ve had some painting projects lately so lots of time to listen to murder shows. 🙂

8. Been making lots of recipes from Super Simple lately and I love it! My favorites so far are the sesame orange chicken, Thai basil beef, and chocolate chip cookies. I don’t eat meat all the time, but when I do I often feel kind of lost cooking it because I was a vegetarian for most of the years I was into cooking. Still learning all the time!

9. Question: What’s your karaoke song? I’m curious!

10. Want to know what I currently have on hold at my library? Two books, Bad Monkey and also Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts. I have multiple books to read at my house already too … but I am a bit of book hoarder apparently.

Hope you’re having a great weekend full of whatever you need—cleaning, grocery shopping, adventures, or down time. xo. Emma

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