Seattle is a great destination, a city you will love to explore. But be careful! It is easy to fall in love with the unique charm of this cloudy place. So much, you will never want to leave. Who knows, maybe it is the right place for you?


So let’s see what makes Seattle so special.


1. The views

The skyline in Seattle is something to see. If it is not too cloudy, use your chance to see Seattle from above and go to the Space Needle to enjoy the views you will never forget.

2. Coffee

Seattle is one of the best cities in the whole world for you if you are a coffee addict. Here you can visit the original Starbucks shop in Pike Place Market (which is, by the way, the oldest farmers market in the country!) But it’s not just about Starbucks! Take your time and explore countless coffee shops around the city. Don’t miss Street Bean Espresso that helps homeless young people find a job.

3. Music scene

Everybody knows that Seattle is the grungiest city. It is in Seattle where Kurt Cobain lived and died. Groups like Soundgarden and Pearl Jam are also Seattle bands. Not to mention, it is Jimi Hendrix’s birthplace. With the roots like this, Seattle music scene is still thriving, and if you are a music fan, that’s the place for you to be. Seattle is also home to the Paramount Theater where many famous musicians filmed their concerts. It’s a great place to catch a Broadway show as well.

4. Unique spots

Many places in Seattle are truly special. For instance, here you can find spots like the very first comic book shop called Golden Age Collectibles. By the way, if you are into the comic culture, don’t miss the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle.

And again, speaking about music, every true music lover will find Easy Street Records just amazing. There you can spend hours deciding how many CDs and vinyl records of your favorite musicians you want to get.

5. Art

Seattle breathes art! Visit the Seattle Art Museum, and you will see it yourself. The museum demonstrated the works of many great artists, such as Warhol and Picasso. And to a party surrounded by art, you can visit SAM Remix and enjoy cocktails and DJ music while checking the art. Where else in the world is something like this possible?

6. Fun Sports

There are some good place to ride a MTB in the local parks. There are fun indoor sports like tennis since it does rain often.